Schwarz is a producer of high-precision and long-lasting cutting tools.

Among our customers, there are well-known companies from the automobile
industry as well as such from the aerospace technology. We would like to
present our quality and technology to you by providing technical support from
the choice to the usage of our tools.



Our products are present on the market as OEM since 1965. Since that time the company has experienced a significant growth.

In 2013 Schwarz was founded in order to distribute our products under the own brand. Our cutting tools are manufactured with the highest precision according to the DIN ISO 9001:2014 at the production sites in Austria and Germany.

We create tools for turning, milling and drilling. This passion unites our employees. They tinker, plan, design and work with a great dedication on technological solutions to present the advanced tools for today and tomorrow and to optimize your processes.

Our customers rely on top quality and our service.

From Germany WORLDWIDE!


Our services consist of planning, construction,
3D-simulation, manufacturing and quality
control of high precision tools.
We specialize in HPC Endmills and HPC
Drills. We are also happy to realize any wishes
for special tools.


Our goal is to satisfy the highest requirements for top quality products without any compromise. Our engineers are constanly working on new solutions and develop new grades and special geometries.


We contribute to the society and make the World better by energy efficient manufacturing of the required products using raw materials with transparent supply chain and bear responsibility for our actions.

I refuse to sell the future for momentary gain


Schwarz statement regarding usage of the “conflict materials”.

On 22. August 2012 the US Securities and Exchange Commission issued the requirements and regulations of the Dodd-Frank Act for reporting and disclosure in regards to usage of “conflict materials”.

Under the term “conflict materials” shall be understood the Dodd-Frank-Act raw materials tin, tantalum, tungsten, columbite, gold and their derivatives mined in the conflict regions such as Democratic Republic of the Congo and the neighbouring states thereof.

The goal is to dam or to stop the trade of the conflict materials originated in the DR Congo and its neighbour countries, which contributes to financing of the armed conflicts on their territory.

Schwarz is not subjected to the US legislation and therefore not bound to the reporting obligation of the Dodd-Frank-Act. Nevertheless, we are aware of the importance of this regulation and take seriously our responsibility toward the environment, health, safety and human rights and understand that our business activities influence on society and environment.

We do not use conflict materials or their derivatives from the conflict regions! Together with our suppliers we are working on the required transparency of the supply chain to be able to provide the reliable information to our customers.

At this point, we have no information, that conflict materials would be used in our supply chain.

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